Light Up Your Art as Easy as 1-2-3

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Often an afterthought, lighting is all but forgotten in most people’s homes. Few collectors realize that lighting is crucial to creating a balanced ambiance. These 3 tricks will help make you look like a professional and achieve that finished jewel box look every time.

1. PLAN IT OUT. If you are moving to a new place, draw up a template of the paintings on the wall beforehand and then fit the lighting around it, rather than slotting art into the room at the end of the process. Flexibility is key when choosing lighting. You’re likely to want to change your collection around and there are as many solutions as there are problems.

2. INSTALL CEILING TRACKS. They cast a circular light rather than a spotlight which is why many galleries prefer tracks. They can also be fitted with dimmable wall washers and centered in the middle of the room so they won’t cast a shadow across the picture. Avoid standard picture lights that only light the top third of a picture and spotlights that cast a ‘hot spot which creates a glaring reflection on a painting (usually the top third of the painting anyway). Spotlights also need a lot of maintenance so reserve them for sculpture to create a 3D effect and show textures.

3. HALF-SILVER BULBS. A simple and affordable way to change your lighting effectively. Half-silver bulbs aside from looking chic, throw a more circular light and create less of a reflection than regular bulbs. They also don’t get as hot as non silvered bulbs. You have everything to love about these little guys!

Remember, the right lighting can heighten a mood and be jewelry for a room. It is more then just a light source.  It’s a visual punctuation.

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