During the pandemic, HLK had the wonderful opportunity to curate a collection of Contemporary art for a massive nine bedroom country estate for a lovely New York-based couple. They retire to the Hamptons on the weekends and wanted their home to be a place to recharge and relax with art as the focal point for their entire family to enjoy.

While there were several restrictions on seeing art in person, the client was able to browse and choose several works of art by local and internationally renowned artists such as Alex Katz, William Klein, Robert Whitaker, Laurent Elie Badessi and Perry Burns among many others.

We were very fortunate that all the galleries we were talking to stepped up to the challenge in bringing works of art to the site whenever possible always observing all Covid-19 protocols.

The art selection process was multifaceted and involved an extensive search for a broad range of art mainly focused on the painting and photographic mediums. I planned the vibe and flow of the art collection taking into careful consideration the client’s taste and interests. Each room called for a bespoke artful experience which beautifully executed by Braverman Design Inc., who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with for years. What a sheer delight it was to work with an old friend–thank you Michael!

Michael and I were always in synch about which style, genre and artist to choose for each space making for a seamless experience. We were able to gave honest feedback to the client wherever appropriate who was a dream client especially when it came to delays in framing which was heavily impacted by the stoppages in the global supply chain and price hikes in wood and acrylic materials. Curating an entire collection during a pandemic definitely had it’s moments but fortunately it was a memorable and rewarding experience!

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