Harris Beach PLLC, New York

IMG 3685 1

Art by Louise Belcourt. Louise builds her abstract landscapes with contemporary color blocks that suggest both urban skylines and scenic horizons found in nature. The unexpected pop of red adds a striking note to this composition.

IMG 1600 2Art by Louise Belcourt

IMG 6436Art by Carolana Parlato (L) and Robert Brinker (R).

Carolanna uses both brushes and a palette knife to create multiple layers and textures of paint in her abstract compositions. They illustrate a delicate balance of painterly techniques, fluid spontaneous gestures, and a sensorial approach to color and light. Native Brooklynite Carolanna Parlato draws upon memories and imaginings of color and light to create lyrical compositions of abstract landscapes. Her paintings often reflect a painterly technique and a sensorial approach to color, light, and gesture. She tilts and turns paintings that result in biomorphic form of color.

“I am dedicated to painting and a believer in its capacity for renewal, transcendence and beauty.”

IMG 7773 2

Robert’s process of tracing, cutting, and artistically manipulating the form of his collages results in a seamless abstract design. Bursting color flows throughout the dense lines and curvature of his work, creating a cohesive whole.

The spindly nature of Robert’s winding abstract form is reminiscent of the title’s namesake, the daddy long leg spider. Robert’s bold use of color and form creates exciting and works filled with complexity and light.

HLK curation for permanent collection of Harris Beach PLLC office in Uniondale, NY.