Art Acquisition | Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa, A T.S. Eliot VII

HLK art acquisition of a Jaume Plensa sculpture, A T.S. Eliot VII, 2008.

 “Sculpture is not only talking about volumes. It is talking about something deep inside ourselves that without sculpture we cannot describe. We are always with one foot in normal life and one foot in the most amazing abstraction. And that is the contradiction that is life” –Jaume Plensa (As told to Emma Crichton-Miller, WSJ).

Plensa’s sculptures are embodiments of the human form and the human language – the letters which capture this sitting man, apparently deep in thought, are pulled from verses in T.S. Eliot’s literature. Perhaps melding written word into three-dimensional form, in and of itself the process of abstraction, is also breathing life, relevance, and new meaning into them.

Relatively smaller than its outdoor-sculpture contemporaries in Plensa’s portfolio, this piece brings the artist’s memorable craftsmanship and intellectualisms into the home. While public sculpture brings intrinsic thoughts to the town square, sourcing Plensa’s sculpture for the private collection means offering the client an intimate look at an artist’s ideology typically reserved for the spotlight. 

Source: Galerie Lelong & Co.

Jaume Plensa sculpture, Sotheby's