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Art by Mambo. Mambo builds his compositions using a unique visual vocabulary based on his fascination with humanity. Flavien Demarigny, also known as Mambo, is a Los Angeles-based artist with international influences. Mambo was born in Chile to a French father and a Hungarian mother, and was raised in Latin America. He started his artistic career in Paris in the mid 80s as a street artist and graphic designer. He cites funk and jazz music as well as the New Wave era style as important creative influences during his time in France. This early period in his art practice continues to inform his canvas paintings and murals. Mambo consistently releases videos to allow people to get closer to his state of mind when he is sketching or creating new work.

“When I’m painting, I don’t think too much because I want to keep it spontaneous and coming from the gut.”

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Art by Eric Doeinger. Warhol’s iconic soup can gets an update in this pop-art tribute. Eric’s “Recreations” series challenges notions of authorship and intellectual property in contemporary art.

Eric Doeringer started out slinging exact replicas of famous artworks outside of galleries, museums, and fairs. Through these “bootlegs” and “recreations,” Doeringer challenges the notions of ownership and brand while exploiting grey areas in the laws of selling art. Though his work outrages some, he has cultivated a large following and even has artists approaching him to be replicated. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets such as Forbes, The New York Times, Artforum, and the Financial Times. Eric Doeringer once made a series of fake VIP passes that worked for Miami Art Basel, allowing people to access exclusive exhibits and events.

“I stand for the reuse and re-contextualization of beauty created by others.”


Art by Warren Neidich, Kristen Schiele, Adrian Navarro.  Neidich is a conceptual artist with a background in neuroscience. His work investigates perception and cognition through traditional artistic practices. His prolific portfolio spans performance, painting, sculpture, theoretical essays, and multimedia art. With studios in both Los Angeles and Berlin, Neidich’s work addresses the intersections of the external environment and the internal architecture of the mind. Warren has published over a dozen books on creativity, cognition and ‘neuroaesthetics’.  “If it looks like art it probably isn’t.”–WARREN NEIDICH

Adrián’s work displays his mastery of space (he has a background in architecture) and his interest in exploring the fine line between 2D and 3D space. Adrián Navarro was born in Boston and raised in Spain. While he pursued architecture originally, Navarro went on to study art at Central Saint Martins in London, where he eventually settled down. His formal training as an architect still partially influences his work; he builds his images with architectural computer software and uses stencils to bring the image to life on canvas. “My paintings are conceived on the basis of superimposed layers, which generate perspective. ”–ADRIÁN NAVARRO
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